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Kalatope vicia… id al140411:
Again the pea family, is it the vicia family…….? growing in a kind of a jumbled mess on the ground…
Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 2100 mts

Habit : herb
Habitat : wild, on the periphery of fields
length/height : 10 inches

Aha… do you think it could be ‘Vicia hirsuta’, Just stumbled on to it..!!

Yes Vicia hirsuta


Vicia hirsuta ABFEB2018/05 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (10)

Growing among the wheat crops along with the other vetch, this more delicate vetch is flowering and fruiting. None of the flowers are fully open but there are several turning into fruits. Here are a few observations and photographs. Please correct me if I am making a mistake in identifying it as V. hirsuta.
V. hirsuta can be told apart from the very similar V. tetrasperma by the number of seeds in their pods. V. hirsuta has 2 while V. tetrasperma has 4. Sepals are roughly equal in V. hirsuta and not so in V. tetrasperma.
Height: The plants are 10-45cm tall.
Flowers: Tiny almost white, pedicels about 1mm, corolla height 4mm (haven’t measured an open flower yet to know the dimension across), pedicel about 1mm.
Leaves: Compound with narrow leaflets and tendrils at the end. Leaflets alternate, sometime opposite, often half-folded into boat-shapes. Stems square. Stipules L-shaped with dark spot on the vertical part.
Fruit: Hairy pods containing 2 seeds each. 4mm wide x 10mm long.
V. hirsuta
Near Dal Lake, Dharamshala, HP
1800m approx.
26-27 February 2018.

I agree with your id as Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray as per comparative images at Vicia

Vicia hirsuta (L.)Gray : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (6)

Vicia hirsuta (L.)Gray
Hairy Vetch, Tiny Vetch
Family – Fabaceae
Hairy Vetch is an small climbing herb found generally along the wheat fields in spring season often with other Vetch especially Vicia sativa.
Its flowers are very small about 5mm having whitish colour with purple shade.
Fruit pods are also small about 6 to 10mm and hairy with two seeds present.
Pictured at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude – 750metres
Dated – 27/2/2018

I agree with your id as Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray as per comparative images at Vicia


Need ID of extremely tiny white legume with thin leaves: 2 images.

Black soil

Pl. check Vicia species.

Vicia hirsuta (L.) Gray !


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