Freycinetia cumingiana Gaudich., Voy. Bonite, Bot. 3: t. 38, t. 60 1841. (syn: Freycinetia luteocarpa Elmer [Invalid]; Freycinetia luzonensis C.Presl; Freycinetia membranifolia Elmer ex Merr. [Invalid]); 
Philippines as per WCSP;



Request for ID : 260411 : AK-2: Again at the Flower Show at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in February, 2011.
Hieght of the plant was around 4 meters.

Freycinetia cumingiana Gaudich. Family: Pandanaceae



Freycinetia cumingiana
Family: Pandanaceae
Common names: Climbing Pandanus, Dwarf Pandanus
Evergreen climber native of Tropical Asia with slender roots attaching plant to the tree trunk or support; leaves alternate, amplexicaule, oblong-linear, up to 45 cm long, apex pointed; flowers unisexual in terminal compact spike, enclosed in up to 5 cm long orange pink bracts with pointed apex, male and female flowers occurring on different plants (dioecious), rarely on same plant.
Ornamental plant photographed from Chikkamagalur in September, 2015

Very beautiful, not seen by me…!!

Is the id correct ?

Yes, I guess the correct ID !



Id of a shrub : 04032015 : RV 2 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
Please kindly ID this garden small shrub saw in a garden in Thane on 27th Feb,15 and oblige,

Kindly check for Freycinetia multiflora of Pandanaceae.
I had seen at the Flower Show in Rani Bagh.

Freycinetia species so far in efi

It looks to be Frecynetia species. For species confirmation, detailed analysis of flower is needed.

A member of Pandanaceae family, Most probably Freycinetia cumingiana Gaudich. (climbing pandanus)

Kindly examine and identify this plant. Could this be an Alpinia sp….?? 

Habit: Herb 

Habitat: Cultivated-Ornamental 

Sighting: Near Chikmagalur,Karnataka,about 1200 msl 

Date: 04-09-2015

Any image of the complete plant?   

No … Unfortunately I did not take the picture of the entire plant.

Looks like a plant from … field of interest and study.

Thank you …, but really not able to place, though it has sheathed leaf.  I have not seen such before. 

could it be Costus curvibracteatus?

Of course the foliage resembles Costus. But it is difficult to arrive at the species as no picture matches with this. The flower is solitary for me, but in C. curvibracteata available in websites it is not so. Hence the doubt.

Could be Freycinetia multiflora

Not sure, looks similar.

I think … is correct. A great effort by … in ID of this plant !.  Looks like Freycinetia cumingiana. Check this link 

We have only Freycinetia cumingiana (Cultivated) in efi site, to which these appear close.

… I agree your ID.

Freycinetia multiflora in FOI : 4 posts by 2 authors.
Freycinetia multiflora in FOI has been identified as Freycinetia cumingiana in eFI.

Pl. check.

Both species represents similar type of flowers, and from photos its difficult to explain leaf size differences. Below are the differences in both species,
Freycinetia cumingiana Gaudich. – Leaves 10-15 cm, rarely 18 cm
Freycinetia multiflora Merr. – Leaves 20-60 cm long
Reference:  Merrill, ED. 1908. Philippine FreycinetiaPhilippine Journal of Science. 3 c: 307-315.

Thanks …, Corrected.

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Found in Auroville Botanical Garden at Auroville, Tamil Nadu (June),
Habit -Shrub
Shade plant
Leaf margin slightly thorny

Images could not be enlarged to see properly.

Zingiberaceae sp.? 

Pl. post at least 800 by 600 kb images, for id, so that we can see the details required, as per posting guidelines.

Is this Freycinetia cumingiana?

I guess you hit the bull’s eye …!