Helleborus orientalis Lam., Encycl. 3: 96 1789. (Syn: Helleborus kochii Schiffn. (unresolved); Helleborus officinalis Salisb. (Unresolved); Helleborus ponticus A.Braun (Unresolved));
Turkey (N-Anatolia, NE-Anatolia, NW-Anatolia: Bithynia), European Turkey, Northern Caucasus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia [Caucasus], USA (I) (District of Columbia (I)), Chatham Isl. (I) as per Catalogue of life;



Ranunculaceae Week: Helleborus orientalis from California: Helleborus orientalis Lam., Encycl. 3:96. 1789
syn; Helleborus caucasicus A. Braun.
   Evergreen herbaceous to shrubby plant with leaves sharply serrate leaves with 7-9 segments; flowers cream on opening, fading to brown, up to 7 cm across. Photographed from SFO Botanical Garden in California in July 2008.
Common name: Lenten rose

I am here attaching the pictures of male and female flowers taken at Cambridge. Is my plant of the same species of Helleborus sp. or a different one? Please clarify sir.

Not male and female flowers. In the first photograph the stamens have and are falling off. You can still see a few stamens in the second flower.

    Your plant with white flowers looks different. The closest I can think is H. niger (white flowers suffused with pink, and green petals shorter than stamens), but more than one flower on peduncle is discouraging this



Garden Plant for ID : Srinagar : 300612 : AK-1:
Pictures taken at a plant nursery in Srinagar on 10/9/11.

Any Arisaema species?

No flowers when the picture was taken.

Difficult without flowers but wild guess for Helleborus

I hope Helleborus orientalis, looking at leaf margins



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