Narcissus species;




Daffodils from Gulmarg (12/06/2011 NSJ 03): Wild daffodils from Gulmarg hills, Kashmir.




Narcissus poeticus L. from Gulmarg, Kashmir:  Narcissus poeticus L., Sp. pl. 1:289. 1753
Common names: Poet’s daffodil, Phaesant-eye daffodil
Perennial bulbous herb similar to N. tazetta in appearance but with one-flowered scape, larger flowers (5-7 cm across), larger corona (10-15 mm wide). Both have white perianth with yellow corona, latter being smaller than perianth.
Photographed from Gulmarg, Kashmir..

After feedback from Mr. Anzar from Kashmir University, I come to realize that this plant may not be true N.poeticus, which has corona smaller in length and with red narrow margin along the rim. I feel my plant is Narcissus ‘Jack Snipe’.
Please comment.
I request Mr. Anzar to upload true N. poeticus.

Great pics. I imagine why such a name, Narcissus. It means “NUMB” !! So basically the complete name would mean ” NUMBNESS OF POETS” :))