LADY’S SLIPPER: Those of you who love orchids, must be familiar with Lady’s Slipper (Common name of an orchid ). here are different variety of this orchid. One such variety grows in the wild in Arunachal Pradesh. In 2002, one research scholar of Defence Research Laboratory, presented me with a sapling of a Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium bellatulum). I put the same in a pot at Tezpur. The plant survived. One Dr Chakraborty from Guahahi University who is supposed to be an expert on the orchids of Arunachal Pradesh told me that the plant will not bloom in the plains, even though it may survive. I carried the plat to Binnaguri with me and we saw the flowers there in 2004. I carried the plant with me at Cooch Behar in 2005. We got flowers for two years, after that the plant parished. Attaching the image of this beautiful flower. I am sure you will like it. 

Beautiful Orchid.   I have seen these orchid plants for sale during a plants exhibition in Mumbai.   It was prized around 300/- without flower.  The vendor told me that it will flower in a year.   I want to confirm whether it
will flower in the Mumbai climate? 

This is not P. bellatulum. But this looked like one of the lady slipper orchids from the schedules of Indian wildlife protection act of india. I need  front view of this. This might be Paphiopedilum fairrieanum or its hybrid. 

Definitively not P.bellatulum which is white with small purple spots. P.faireanum looks a bit like this but I think it is a hybrid. Hard to tell which one as orchid people are producing new all the time.

    About growing in Mumbai. Must be possible if given the right conditions. There are many species of Paphiopedilums so their specific requirements vary. Some prefer cold winter (+10) while other want a tropical climate year around. Generally hybrids are said to be easier to grow.
    300 is quite cheap for a Pahpiopedilum but remember, often plants are sold quite small so that “only one year to flowering” easily becomes 5 years and then it died…..

Yeah I forgot to add, trust me 300/- is nearly 30% of the price in which they are actually sold…. so its really cheap…. If you have good green house and water supply then you can grow them nicely in Mumbai…but not all…

It can be anything but a hybrid.I lost this orchid. Sending a front view will not be possible. 

Lady’s slipper orchids: …………………………

Interesting…. i wish to know more about orchids..especially about column & different types of pollinia and stigma of orchid.
i have searched for lot but did not find any info. with illustration, wiil you plz tell us source or add info. with illustrations bcoz many people will like to know about orchids

Sheer coincidence! I have been meaning to send some pics of orchids growing in my house in Coonoor for identification and then this very informative account on Lady’s slipper orchid. Am enclosing the picture of a Lady’s Slipper orchid presently flowering in my garden. I would request its identification.
Thank you again … for the very informative account of Lady’s Slipper Orchid. I would also request for similar accounts of other orchids which would be greatly appreciated by all.
Sorry for the large size. Am not too good with photoshop.

Your plant is most probably a hybrid of Paphipedilum villosum.
If its not a hybrid then the person who is selling this is doing an illegal business according to Wildlife Protection Act of India (1972).
The plant is enlisted in Schedule VI of WPA (1972).

Paphiopedilum hybrid;
from Mr. U.C.Pradhan’s private nursery in Kalimpong; Hello to all – efloraofindia | Google Groups

Lady Slipper Orchid from Flower Show in Mumbai.

This was posted on eflora earlier and identified by … as Paphiopedilum venustum from Meghalaya.
…, kindly confirm id.