Mammillaria surculosa Boed., Monatsschr. Deutsch. Kakteen-Ges. 3: 78 78 1931.;



amit cactus uid1 2652011: sending photos of some cactus which was flowering at Pantnagar nowadays.
details as in photographs

Mammillaria surculosa?? 

Thanks .. but I identified as M. baumii and the reson is that in M.surculosa the anthers are greenish which doesn’t appear in my plants.

I have checked from both Cacti-Illustrated Dictionary and Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cacti and Hortus Third. Both have yellow anthers. The main differentiating character is long reddish-brown central spine hooked at tip in M. surculosus. In M. baumii central spine is absent. On that count the plant looks like M. surculosa, although we can not discount any other species.

So … where to place it than and also forgot to mention that flowers are fragrant

Thanks sir it is M. surculosa indeed. 


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