Ranunculus reniformis Wall., Numer. List 4709 1831.;
India: Western Ghats of Peninsular India. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Rajasthan. Growing on grassy slopes at 1600 – 2400 m. Rare and endemic as per Srivastava SK (2010) Revision of genus Ranunculus L.(Ranunculaceae) in India. Taiwania 55(3): 273-314. [Full text with line diagrams];
India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala) as per Catalogue of life;




Ranunculaceae?? for ID: Please identify this plant.Collected from Munnar, on 23-05-2011
Sorry the photos are not good. couldn’t take due to rain
Could this be a species of Ranunculaceae??

It’s certainly Ranunculaceae.  It looks like Ranunculus

Although plant is not completely seen but based on the area, undivided basal leaves  orbicular, cordate base and single flower on long stalk and petals more than 5 all suggest Ranunculus reniformis Wall. ex Wight. Please

I agree – it looks very like R. reniformis.

This species has been reported from Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Kerala. In Kerala it has been reported from Chuduvurai Travancore, Travancore high range and Devicolum Munnar Forest.