Alternanthera species;

Alternanthera pungens or Alternanthera pulchella ?



Request for ID : 300411 : AK-1: Taken at the ‘Flower Show’ at Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in Feb,2011.
A small potted plant.

.. has written to me it could be Alternenthara.

yes Alternanthera cultivar for sure



aquatic plant for ID060311AMS2:  aquatic plant from bhopal

May be Alternanthera philoxeroides.

Photo is not good but i guess it is Bacopa monnieri (Scrophulariaceae)

… But I think I saw opposite leaves there!!

Looks like Bacopa monnieri (Scrophulariaceae).

Looks like Bacopa monnieri for me too.
This species is now placed in Plantaginaceae family.

I tend to agree with … id, i. e. *Alternanthera philoxeroides*, owing to the long internodes and longer and non-fleshy leaves. It doesn’t look like Bacopa to me.

Id-220212-PR-1.: Plants from gujarat, Baroda
Alteranthera sp.
Habit-Herb Wetland
Flower white
Height about 30 cm
leaf opposite

Alternanthera sp., may be A. sessilis?