Anogeissus latifolia ?;


Identification of the tree please: I have attached pictures of a tree bark and its leaves for identification.
The trees are growing in Bandipur just beyond Mysore and look like a plantation of the same variety. They are slim trees.

Eucalyptus sp, I suppose

Remote chance of an Anogeissus sp. perhaps ?

This is Anogeissus latifolia.

Is it Clistanthus colinus?  planted by forest dept in a large scale.

Here is a link that has a picture of Cleistanthus collinus taken by ..
The bark seems different.

And here is picture of Anogeissus trunk, just for comparison, taken by same … 😉

I will inform about its simple but promising uses as medicine when your Anogeissus will become a tree.

For me it is Cleistanthus collinus for sure.

This is not Cleistanthus collinus. In Cleistanthus the bark is at first buff or creamy in color which during summer turns to black. the bark does not have blotches. the leave does not resemble Cleistanthus. also it is not A. latifolia nor A. pendula.

Remote chance of an Anogeissus sp. perhaps ?

I gathered a lot of the seeds. How does the tree reproduce? Just use the dry seeds? I’d love to grow aome saplings!

Yes it is ..! Looking at this picture after you gave the name I could identify the seeds and the leaf!

Just so that you are not disappointed – the seeds require pre-treatment prior to sowing…
They have to be soaked in cold water for 24 hrs. The seeds that sink to the bottom of the container are viable and have to be promptly sown. The seeds that are found floating obviously have to be discarded.

.. I will try soaking them before planting. I will be really happy if a few grow!
Ok so probably thats why the sweet tamarind which I brought from Bangkok  — only a few sprouted. They are a year old and are still so stunted in growth.

Anogeissus has very many medicinal uses.
Very keen to know about your sweet Tamarind is it the same sp.  Tamarind indica L.?. Coincidently I happened to buy Sweet Tamarind (Thailand) from the Mumbai market the other day and it really tastes as sweet as dates!
Sending the pictures in a separate mail.

Yes it is the same … When I went to Bangkok for a conference — UNEP a friend told me about the Tamarind. I bought a kg and really enjoyed it! Saved every seed and planted some. Several little plants have popped up but ALL are really tiny still. I put some in the ground and in pots. Both are not faring very well at all. Will get a pictures and send to you!

I guess Anogeissus latifolia,
we can see an oil gland on the lower surface of the leaf.

Yes it’s

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