Eriocaulon malabaricum Pradeep & Nampy, Edinburgh Journal of Botany / Volume 68 / Issue 02 / July 2011;

Acaulescent herbs; rootstock up to 1.5 cm. Leaves few, rosulate,linear, ca. 4 x 0.2 cm, glabrous. Peduncles many, up to 16 cm long, glabrous, striate; sheath up to 2.5 cm long, glabrous; limb entire, ovate or rounded at apex. Heads ovate or hemispherical, 3-4 x 2-3 mm. Receptacles cylindric, pilose. Involucral bracts obovate, ca 2.15 x 0.8 mm, glabrous, acuminate at apex. Floral bracts obovate, ca 1.8 x 1.5 mm, distally crenate to entire, shortly acuminate, hoary dorsally towards apex. Male flowers: pedicels ca 0.4 mm long, glabrous; sepals 3, connate; spathe obovate, ca 1.4 x 0.75 mm; lobes acute or obtuse, glabrous or occasionally hoary towards apex; corolla tube ca 0.8 mm long, 3, minute, equal, ovate-obovate, glabrous, without a black gland; stamens 6; filaments ca 0.25 mm long; anthers black. Female flowers: pedicels 0; sepals 3, free, dimorphic, oblanceolate, margins distally ciliate, acute at apex; laterals 1.2-1.5 x 0.35-0.45 mm, distinctly keeled, irregularly dentate at back; medial 1-1.2 x 0.25-0.35 mm, not distinctly keeled; petals 3, equal, oblong-spathulate, 1.25-1.5 x 0.1-0.15 mm, obtuse, hoary towards apex, with a black gland; ovary sessile, broadly ovate, 0.5 x 0.4 mm; style 0.4 mm long, 3-fid at apex. Seeds ovoid, seed-coat cells transversely elongated, aligned in vertical rows; appendages 1-3 from transverse radial cell walls, setiform, dilated at apex. 

Flowering and fruiting: December-March
Marshy areas
Southern Western Ghats (endemic)

TWO NEW SPECIES OF ERIOCAULON (ERIOCAULACEAE) FROM INDIA……!!!: Here are some additions to the flora of India.. Please see the paper in Edinburgh Journal of Botany..!!… #

… hearty congratulations to you and your team mates for describing and making the world know of these two new species: E. malabaricum Pradeep & Nampy and E. pykarense Nampy & Manudev.

Congrats .., for the discoveries.