Limonium perezii (Stapf) F.T. Hubb., Rhodora 18(211): 158 158 1916. (syn: Statice perezii Stapf);
Canary Isl. (Tenerife), USA (I) (California (I)) as per Catalogue of life;

Limonium perezzi
Ornamental. Commonly observed in California flower beds

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Plant for ID 20/06/11SMP1: A common garden plant observed in California. Place mountainview.
Leaves clustered near roots or base of the plant.
Inflorescence Umbel 10-15 cm

I thought Limonium perezii, Sea lavander

I agree with .. It is indeed Limonium perezii,
A plant from Plumbaginaceae family. The description given on Wikipedia matches exactly with the plant depicted by me. Esp. the rosate of basal somewhat radical large leaves. The violet sepals and white petals…..
The Flowers do look similar to Heliotropium though……

just back and saw this. If the flower is papery n texture it is commonly called statice. The cut flowers can be dries by hanging in binches upside down and then they last for months withour water

Yes, statice is an important filler in cut flowers, years ago it was added free to the bunch of roases or daisies, along with some fern or leaves and baby’s breath… but now… we have to buy them separately or pay extra  in
a bunch… Statice we are used to are violet and deep pink…violet one came from california…pink variety I think was grown in specialty gardens for the cut flower trade, where I do not know…

There are many varieties of statice available and is a common cultivar.
The ones which we usually see as fillers, at least in Gujarat and Maharashtra are generally of purple and white colors. We can use them as dry flowers as well, by hanging them for about week, upside down in dark conditions. 

Limonium perezii (Stapf) F. T. Hubb.
Commonly planted as ornamental in California

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