Month Best Set of Photographs in the Month Who photographed it
September ORCHIDACEAE: Lady Slipper Orchids – Paphiopedilum druryi (Bedd.) Stein Dr. Pankaj Kumar
October DV :: 2007 – 2011 :: Heterostemma dalzellii in and around Mumbai Dinesh Valke
Flora of Haryana: Gloriosa suprba from Village Amin Kurukshetra Haryana Dr. Balkar Singh
November 021111PD06 Cymbidium bicolor Flora of Orissa Dr. Prasad Kumar Dash

Tamarindus indica from IOCL Area Panipat

Dr. Balkar Singh

Photographer of the Year 2011-Category Best Set of Photographs  Dr. Balkar Singh

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Best Set of Photographs in the Month

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