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Bignoniaceae Week: Bignonia callistegioides from California:  Bignonia callistegioides Cham., Linnaea 7:712. 1833

Syn: Clytostoma callistegioides (Cham.) Bureau ex Griseb.; Cuspidaria callistegioides (Cham.) DC.
Common names: Argentine trumpetvine, love-charm
Evergreen climbing shrub with opposite leaves, each with two 5-10 cm long elliptic-oblong, glabrous and lustrous undulate leaflets and simple tendril; flowers lavender, streaked, 6-8 cm long; calyx lobes long pointed; corolla lobes spreading, oval and wavy; pod 7-12 cm long, prickly.
Photographed from Sunnyvale, California.