THISTLE FLOWER:   If you were a student of science, you are likely to remember your chemistry lab, after seeing the images I am attaching. A paticular type of funnel was created by man to perform certain experiment and it was named as Thisthle funnel as the funnel resembles the shape of a flower called Thistle. There are interesting stories about this flower in the history of Scotland.

… some species of Tricholepis.

… the plant in first picture: Free Lunch 4.jpg is different … species of Leucas.

Thistle is the common name of a genus Tricholepis. I am not sure about the species.

PlZ help to identify the plants: Found in the Agriculture
generally grown during the Monsoon with Sesbania Sp.
A member of Asteraceae family .
please help to identify.

Tricholepis sp.