Porteresia coarctata (Roxb.) Tateoka , Bull. Natl. Sci. Mus. Tokyo, B 8: 406 1965. (Syn: Indoryza coarctata (Roxb.) A.N.Henry & B.Roy; Oryza coarctata Roxb.; Oryza triticoides Griff.; Sclerophyllum coarctatum (Roxb.) Griff.);

Information-Porteresia coarctata:
I would like to have a some more information on Porteresia coarctata -a Poaceae member.
Like distribution and ecological aspect etc.

I hope the attached paper will be of use to you. Aquat_Bot_84_37.pdf

Porteresia coarctata (Oryza coarctata) is a relative of Oryza (rice) found in mangrove areas in the intertidal zones in coastal areas. The best population is in Sundarbans of Bengal and Bhitarkanika of Orrisa. It is saline tolerant and can tolerate water logging also. I have not yet seen it in mangroves of Kerala. May be more exploration is required to find out the distribution of this species. This species is used widely in labs for hybridisation with Oryza sativa and also for transfer of saline tolerant genes to cultivated rice varieties.