Chlorophytum comosum (Thunb.) Jacques, J. Soc. Imp. Centr. Hort. 8: 345 1862. (Syn: Anthericum comosum Thunb.; Caesia comosa (Thunb.) Spreng.; Chlorophytum comosum (Thunb.) Baker; Hartwegia comosa (Thunb.) Nees; Hollia comosa (Thunb.) Heynh.; Phalangium comosum (Thunb.) Poir.;          Anthericum longituberosum Poelln. …; Chlorophytum beniense De Wild. ………………..; Cordyline vivipara Steud.; Phalangium viviparum Reinw. ex Kunth);
W. Trop. Africa to Cameroon, Ethiopia to S. Africa as per WCSP;
Andaman Is.; Bangladesh; Burundi; Cameroon; Cape Provinces; Ecuador; Equatorial Guinea; Ethiopia; Gabon; Gulf of Guinea Is.; Ivory Coast; Juan Fernndez Is.; Kenya; Korea; KwaZulu-Natal; Liberia; Malawi; Marianas; Mauritius; Mozambique; Nauru; New South Wales; Nigeria; Norfolk Is.; Northern Provinces; Runion; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; St.Helena; Sudan; Swaziland; Tanzania; Tristan da Cunha; Uganda; Western Australia; Zambia; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;

spider plant:  Sending pictures of Spider plant along with buds and flower of the same.
Kindly let me know if the plant in the last pic is also spider plant. It is in my garden it looks like spider plant but colour is different. I have not seen it flower though

Chlorophytum comosum.

my mail about spider plant:    kindly identify the plant pic attached in this mail

All are different varieties of Chlorophytum comosum. I assume.

Chlorophytum comosum for me also.


Sending a photo of the Spider plant used in Vertical gardening. 
Place : Byculla Gardens
Date  : February 2010
Habitat : Cultivated

I also see some ferns lying out there too!

wonderful Concept

Very nice,  This arrangement is really a spiral shelves in a round with little cubby places for pots… a quick way to get a column of green… or color … to enhance architecture or make a display…. I love the fact that whole column is airplants… cant get the local nurserymen in West Bengal to carry c. comosum… they have other chlorophytum s but the real airplant…. wonder why?


they were selling this for art sake.  Lots of people were booking for this.  It is good for small places like balconies. The spider plant is also a good air purifier.

I know… air purification work was done by NASA  per many NON_NASA sources… but have not found a direct quote from NASA themselves…. over the years people who sell green leaf houseplants say its NASA’s work…
but…  no direct info…  **  this … is what the shelves? or the individual plants?


Flora of Panipat: Chlorophytum comosum from a Nursery Assandh Road PanipatChlorophytum comosum
From a Nursery in Panipat.
Garden Herb


Chlorophytum sp.? ABJUL01/33 : 10 posts by 4 authors. 3 images.
I found this growing on a wall of a private property. Apart from a passion-flower vine there were a lot of wild plants growing on that stone wall. Could this be a Chlorophytum species? Please advise.
Near Dal Lake, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP

22 July 2016.

i love it. if this plant ever develops the typical triangluarish green fruits please be on the look out and i would love to see the seeds. This plant propagates in multiple ways…. these plantlets, root suckers and the seeds but it rarely fruits. do not know what it needs but it has happened often enough in the snow country in summer balcony (but i have not have had the pleasure to see them open to show the seeds i was always at work when they exploded and scattered the three seeds & never found them)

Many thanks. Does that mean this is a Chlorophytum? The plant is not on my regular path but I will check once in a while to see what develops.

yes if that the third pic is a plantlet and look later to see if the base of the plantlet develops roots. cholorophytum comosum most likely

Yes i am sure it is Chlorophytum comosum


identification of plant : 5 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

identification of this plant please.

shot in sambalpur today. is it some kind of grass?

I think it is Chlorophytom comosum ‘Variegatum’.

Looks like matching as suggested by …! It would have been nice if image is straight !



For ID : White ribbon grass flowers photos : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)

Cold not find the species on this in the group and on the internet it showed different IDs.
Plant Type: ornamental grass, very common but the flowers seem uncommon.
Location : Delhi, Grown in a pot.
Date : October 2018
Species : Unknown

Its called the spider plant because the way it produces the flower spikes and secondary plant-lets. its binomial name is Chlorophytum comosum variegatum. its a very popular houseplant in the western countries, catching on here slowly.
its one of the ten or nine ( on some lists) that clean the air in homes.

i must say you have an apt description for your plant. good .


name of plant:  Kindly let me know if you know the name of this plant.

In 1st picture Maranta zebrina green leaves with black straps .
In 2nd picture Aechmea gamosepala  with Cholrophytum (spider lily, white & green leaves )

top picture one plant is Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana – Prayer Plant I think, and the other one is Chlorophytum comosum var. may be variegatum, if it is a vigorous plant.

Just wanted to add, Chlorophytum comosum is actually not Spider Lilly but Spider Plant. Spider Lilly is a different plant !!

.. is RIGHT…
This Chlorophytum comosum is SPIDER PLANT and NOT spider lily…
spider plant because in its fully developed form that has 10 or fifteen stolons and masses of plantlets or fowers /seeds at the end of the stolons it looks like something out of this world or if of this world… a
large green spider with flowers on its legs..

For the last few years I have been looking for it here in calcutta but no luck…
they always give me something else that also has variegated (white streaks) leaves grass like plant instead or even white musli… never the spider plant.. to confuse the issue… the spider plany also has juicy whitish swollen roots, but they have no estrogenic or aphrodisiac effect like the musli….
Now I am glad to see its available at least in your neck of the woods… there is hope for us in Kolkata…
Its called spider plant because in its full glory as a hanging plant in a large enough hanging pot…it develops into a large rossette by  producing shoots from the main root, then develops stolons , which shoot out long and hang by the side, at the end of the stolons  there would be baby plantlets with their own roots, esp as an indoor houseplant .
.. some stolons in middle of hot summer will develop tiny handsome white flowers, which in turn produce tiny green and then brown seeds if appropriate insects are around…
In summary, it reproduces in at least 4 ways that I know of… developing clump around mother plant, by rooted plantlets, by seeds and  by roots runners ( or whatever the botanical name is appropriate) which sprout … 5th would be tissue culture… human effort..


I thought there is a lot of interest in the Spider plant so posting some more pictures from my garden
I am sorry I do not have exclusive pictures only of spider plant
In the first picture the other plant is Parijatak
In the second picture along with Spider plant there is shatavari and the other plant I do not know its name



requesting validation of this plant in a privately owned garden at Pune. is it Chlorophytum comosum?

Chlorophytum comosum looks correct ID.


Chlorophytum species for ID – 160813 – RK :  Attachments (3). 4 posts by 3 authors.

10/08/13 – 5.30 pm – Bangalore. Request ID.

Looks more like a variety of C.comosum

Chlorophytum comosum looks correct ID.

Chlorophytum borivilianum Santapau & R.R.Fern. ??

Above photos are of Chlorophytum comosum cv comosum  In Indian garden there are 6 cultivars of C. comosum (Thunb.) Jacques. Following is the list and key to identify:
cv. comosum – Broad green leaves and produces flowering scape. 
cv. viviparum – Broad green leaves and produces bulbils on scape. 
cv. vittatum – Broad variegated leaves along margin and flowering scape.
cv. mandaiamum – Broad leaves variegated centrally and produces bulbils on scape. 
cv. pumilum – Narrow green leaves and bulbils on scape.
cv. variegatum – Narrow centrally variegated leaves with bulbils on scape.


Chlorophytum comosum (Thunb.) Jacques: 6 very high res. images.
Location: Central Nepal
Altitude: 1400 m.
Date : 02 Mayl 2021

Habitat : Cultivated