Anethum species;


Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) Week : 020811 : AK-3: Taken at a farm at Dindori, near Nasik, Maharashtra on 27/2/11.
….again is this Sowa or Saunf?
This could be Sowa?


very nice, but I cant tell one from the other… I usually just taste the flowers
 or the seed heads if the plant is in a herbal or botanical garden…

Sowa bhaji is a bengali delicacy, leaves/bhaji is quickly sauteed with already  boiled diced potatoes, a little salt and turmeric, yummy as dry curry with rice or roti…

If you find similar umbels in wild, and esp if the flowers are white and the stem has red streaks… do not be mistaken and try even a little… may not be carrots or queen anne’s lace.. could be hemlock…… has just put one up today I think…

Forget the technical details (Slender stem, darker green colour, thinner segments, numerous smaller darker yellow fruits, darker smaller fruits of Anethum sowa vs thicker stems, lighter coloured stem and leaves with whitish
bloom especially on stem, thicker segments, fewer larger and lighter yellow flowers and larger lighter coloured fruits in Foeniculum vulgare), the sweet fragrance of fennel and sharper fragrance of sowa are the easiest
distinction in field.