Angelica gigas Nakai, Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 31: 100 1917.;

by Ushadi (Inserted by J.M.Garg)



Korean angelica, native of China, Korea and Japan… now grown for its violet flowerheads by hobby gardeners in USA .
Grows to be about 5 -6 feet in height, starts with purplish leaves which turn green, are serrated…
Koreans eat the leaves, but one need to be aware of solar sensitivity and dermatitis. Recently being studied for prostate cancers…
I photographed these at NYBG in summer of 2008, it flowers only during its second year, so was lucky to get
the gorgeous purple flower heads..  several develop in one plant..
I did not go back to photograph the seeds that develop, flicker has a photo by Steve of Edibugh Bot Garden at :
Gorgeous photo of the seed head…
((From wikipedia: Description: Plant 1–2 m, stout with deep thick roots. Stem purplish, ribbed. Leafblade triangular-ovate in outline, 20–40 × 20–30 cm, 2–3-ternate-pinnate. Umbel purple, 5–8 cm across. Flowers dark purple-red, obovate. Flowering in late summer.

Really Nice photographs. Previously Angelica himalaica was very common in Gulmarg, here. Not able to locate yet. 

Unfortunately not. With film cameras, it was difficult to afford photographing so many plants. Here is my lone herbarium specimen of Angelica himalaica. Attachments (1)



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