project to rid of mosquitoes with a plant and animal based design system: My housing society in suburban Pune has taken up a project to get rid of mosquitoes from our neighbourhood through natural means. We got a lot of our ideas from this article:…
– which involves a design system involving plants and animals.
We had the following questions:
1. What is the Citronella macronata tree? The article mentions this is a tree that can be planted as a hedge. Is it found in India?

2. The citronella compound has also been bred into the “lemon geranium” which exudes the same scent (as Citronella Macronata) and is used to repel mosquitoes at the herb layer. Is “lemon geranium” the same as Citronella grass?
3. Is ‘catnip’ native? Where can we find it? Catnip extract (and so is Rosemary extract) is a good mosquito repellent.
4. Bullrush and Cattail attract dragonfly that eat mosquitoes – what are these and where can I find them?
5. The Chinese have been using Artemisia annua (a.k.a. sweet wormwood) to cure fevers for centuries. Is this available?
And if someone can help with this: Are there places around Pune where one could get mass quantities (and cheap) of lemon grass, citronella (grass) and vetiver for planting?

This is not pertaining to plants or botany, but, I made an accidental discovery last year. The red weaving ants are good predators of mosquitoes provided, the entry or exit point from the breeding area is narrow. I observed that the ants had covered all the exit points from the vent pipe of my septic tank and no sooner a mosquito tried to
either enter the vent hole or exit, it was caught by alert ants and promptly dismembered. I stood on the spot for 30 minutes and hardly a couple of them escaped the clutches. 

we had similar experience with white browed fantail bird. she use to sit near the exit pipe and catch each and every mosquito. bulbul and sparrows followed her later and now they r always there.
small fishes are best to reduce the larva from any pond.

I agree with … Small fish, tadpoles play a very important role in reducing the population by eating the larvae. My
tank full of rainwater does not have a single larva because of the tadpoles of green tree frogs.

Please see the attached picture the Oecophila ant took away the mosquito I was trying to focus!
Yes I too agree that tadpoles is a good option. Other than this larvae of Damzel fly is a good predator of mosquito larvae. Please visit the following links and go through the attached pdfs.…