Juniperus chinensis L., Mant. Pl. 127 1767. (Syn: Juniperus barbadensis Thunb. [Illegitimate]; Juniperus cabiancae Vis.; Juniperus cernua Roxb.; Juniperus chinensis f. aurea-pendula Beissn. ……….; Juniperus dimorpha Roxb.; Juniperus flagelliformis Loudon; Juniperus fortunei Carrière; Juniperus gaussenii W.C.Cheng; Juniperus jacobii Beissn.; Juniperus keteleeri (Beissn.) Prop.-Giesel.; Juniperus reevesiana Endl.; Juniperus shepherdii Beissn.; Juniperus sheppardii (H.J.Veitch) Melle; Juniperus sinensis J.F.Gmel. [Spelling variant]; Juniperus sphaerica Lindl. ..; Juniperus struthiacea Knight; Juniperus thunbergii Hook. & Arn.; Juniperus virginica Thunb.; Sabina cabiancae (Vis.) Antoine; Sabina chinensis (L.) Antoine; Sabina dimorpha (Roxb.) Antoine; Sabina gaussenii (W.C. Cheng) W.C. Cheng & W.T. Wang; Sabina sphaerica (Lindl.) Antoine; Sabina struthiacea (Knight) Antoine);
Russian Far East to N. Myanmar and Temp. E. Asia as per WCSP;



Ornamental bush for id 110111MK03:  Please help to id this common ornamental bush plant.

Date/Time- 08-01-2011 / 04:30 PM
Location- Place, Altitude, GP Kancheepuram dist., TN
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Nursery
Plant Habit-herb with rooting at nodes
Height/Length- ca. 1 m
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- smaller linear

Seems like Juniperus communis to me.

If cones fleshy Thuja occidentalis and if woody Juniperus communis

I am pretty sure this is not Thuja occidentalis. Leaves are spinous.

Cannot be Thuja. Leaves are quite different.  It could be Juniper only.

Can it be Cupressus torulosa

this is Blue Point Juniper