Trop. & Subtrop. Asia as per WCSP;
Assam; Bangladesh; Borneo; Cambodia; China South-Central; China Southeast; East
; Hainan; India; Jawa; Laos; Malaya; Maluku; Myanmar; Nepal; New Guinea;
Sri Lanka; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Taiwan; Thailand; Tibet; Vietnam
as per Catalogue of Life;

Red List Category & Criteria: Least Concern ver 3.1 Year Assessed: 2010 Assessor/s: Gupta, A.K. Reviewer/s: Juffe Bignoli, D. & Allen, D.

Justification: This aquatic plant is native to temperate and tropical Asia from China to India to Viet Nam and Indonesia. It is common throughout its range in swamps, riverbanks, ditches, and moist places in tropical and subtropical forests. Although there is no detailed information about global population trend, it covers an extensive geographic range and seems to be common in a wide range of habitats. No major threats have been reported and the species is therefore listed as Least Concern. Conservation Actions: No conservation actions are in place.
(Attributions- IUCN and ZOO 2011 from India Biodiversity Portal)

A stout, spinous, aquatic or marsh herb root stock branched. Petiole long, prickly; leaf balde hastate, entire or pedately lobed and cut, nerves beneath prickly. Flower hermaphrodite, all fertile. Spathe long, narrow, fleshy, twisted; base convolute, deciduous. Spadix short, cylindric, dense-flowered. Perianth segments 4-6, obovate, tips incurved. Stamens 4-6, filaments short, flat. Ovary ovoid, 1-celled, ovule solitary. Fruit a cluster of six-sided, obpyramidal berries with warted or muricate tips. Comes out in damp, low laying areas.
(Attributions- Wild edible plants of Assam. by Sri Brahmananda Patiri and Sri Ananta Borah, published by the Director Forest Communication, Forest Department, Assam. Curated for upload by Pranjal Mahananda from India Biodiversity Portal)


Lasia spinosa_RKC04_180811: Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites for you

Family: Araceae
Loc.: Pakke Tiger Reserve, Pakke, East Kameng (ca 500msl.)
Notes: Tender leaves are boiled and eaten by the local communities.


Adding my collection …The flower of Lasia spinosa


Plant ID from Bangladesh SM 179 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

Habit: Herb
Habitat Wild

Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites has very variable leaf-blades. Any probability?

The leaf in the middle is a Begonia. The early infructescence though, is from Lasia spinosa (Araceae) of which you can see parts of the lobed leaf blade on the right.

Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites from Assam 01 KD Dec 2019 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Attached images are Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites from Assam 
Date :29.11..2019
Location: Assam

Family : Araceae
Genus & species : Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites
Habitat: Grows wild on muddy places
Habit : Herb   

Nice find !! Last image I think points to why it is called ‘spinosa’ .


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