Images by (Bhagyashri Ranade – identified by Arving Kadus) & (Neha Singh – identified by Giby Kuriakose), (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade) 



Sharing pictures of Shatavari plant as I know it is called. I have no pic with flowers but they are small white flowers. Right now it has red berry
like fruits.

Asparagus racemosus (fam. Asparagaceae).
Tuberous roots used in ayurvedic medicines.The herb has been highly valued and prescribed to stimulate and strengthen kidney function. Shatavari is traditionally used to support the female organs, prevent sexual debility,
help menopausal conditions, stomach ulcers, inflamation and chronic fevers. It is also a primary rejuvenative for pitta. It supports healthy and normal blood flow through the reproductive system. It supports normal hormone
utilization and hormone blood levels. Shatavari’s antioxidant properties help maintain cell integrity.

It may be ‘Asparagus springeri’ an ornamental plant, having its root length only up to 2-3 inches, While in A. racemosus it seems to be up to 2 ft long. Flowers and fruits in the picture also indicates towards the asparagus springeri. And it is not used as medicine. Only A.racemosus and some time A. africanum( Wild)  roots are used as
medicine in Ayurveda.

Yes this should be Asparagus springeri.

Yes I was wondering about the differences between the shown species and the one seen in wild. .. has clarified it now. Thanks for the clarification…

.. is right….  about the differences… and that this plant may not be A. racemosus but its also a matter of garden pot/tub versus garden / farm open land planting and time / months that the plant is allowed to grow so that
the roots are thin and long and not thick and short…

Asparagus racemosus: I photographed the same species (Asparagus racemosus) with flowers and fruits at DSK Vishwa, Pune in summer.
Sending you the pics with small white flowers.
Dated- 27 th march 2011.

I do not remember that the flowers on the Shatawari that I have has orange tips. I have this plant with me for years now. Or have I missed this or is this some other variety?

I identified the shatawari species I photographed as Asparagus racemosus. It had orange tipped flowers and red berries.
May be I m mistaken and it’s some other
I hope that some experts at eflora will help us out.

Flowers of Asparagus shatabari are always white and they usually come in clusters. But the ripe berries are red.

It may be ‘Asparagus springeri’
used as an Ornamental plants having the roots not more than 2-3 inches long. In A. racemosus roots found to be long up to 2 ft.

With this picture, it cant be identified … Can you please post an image of the whole plant?

Please check Asparagus aethiopicus

The flowers and leaves match…I think Asparagus aethiopicus / Asparagus densiflorus is d right id.

Earlier these two names were synonyms and now, according the the plant list and GRIN, they are two different accepted species names.


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