Guidelines for re-surfacing Id requests

Aim of the whole exercise of forwarding is to get the Identification. We have to provide all earlier feedback along with the attachments at the same place, so that anybody interested need not have to look at all the things again doing up & down. Here is how to do it in a systematic way:

1. Visit home page at (one can make it ones’ favorite by opening it, clicking on Favorites in Menu Bar at the top, selecting ‘ add to favorites’ & then clicking on ‘Add’->. In future, one has to just click on favorites & then ‘Efloraofindia Google Groups’ for opening home page). Sign in using your e-mail Id & password.

2. Those with g-mail Ids can straight away sign up with g-mail, click on ‘more’, select ‘groups’,  click on ‘efloraofindia’.

3. Click on ‘view all’ in Discussions. Click in View by ‘Topic list’ & Sort by ‘Latest message’.  Click on ‘Older>>’ once to reach at Change 30 to any number say 2730,  where one wants to reach at a point from where Id requests has to be re-surfaced.

4. Under this page, start from the bottom & click on topics one by one.

5. If one finds any message which requires re-surfacing for the pending Id requests/ confirmations etc., one has to copy some matter from it & search this in ones’ e-mail.

6. Alternative of step 1. to 5. is by directly looking in ones’ mail folder & finding out Efloraofindia mails, which require re-surfacing.

7. Once one find this message in his mail, click on ‘Forward’ & select  in address bar at ‘To’ & select members in ‘Cc’, who has participated in that discussion including the original poster. Also mark a copy in ‘Cc’ members from Excel sheet as available at link members for re-surfacing at are just examples & one may add Ids from which Id reply can be expected.

Summarize earlier feedback, if any, like: 
“Forwarding again for Id assistance pl.            
 Earlier relevant feedback:     
 “Kyllinga-Cyperaceae” from …”

8. Then click on ‘Send’.

9. Next time one has to repeat the same process from where ever one has left it.