Piper trichostachyon (Miq.) C. DC. , Prodr. 16(1): 242 242 1869. (Syn: Muldera trichostachya Miq.);
Peninsular India as per India Biodiversity Portal;

new Piper from the northern Western Ghats and notes on economic potential of Piper section Muldera  [2014] (Abstract- Piper dravidii Lekhak, Kambale et S. R. Yadav, a new species from northern Western Ghats is described and illustrated. The names Muldera galeata Miq. [Piper galeatum (Miq.) C. DC.] and M. trichostachya Miq. [Piper trichostachyon (Miq.) C. DC.] are lectotypified. A key for the species of Piper section Muldera Miq. in India has also been provided to facilitate identification. In addition, the significance of species of Piper section Muldera as a candidate in breeding programs of P. nigrum is also discussed)