IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN)

Diospyros crumenata Thwaites, Enum. Pl. Zeyl. 179 1860.;

Image by Pranay Rao 

Malayalam: Karimaram  Kannada: Thumri

Evergreen dioecious trees, to 25 m high, bark 4 mm thick, black, thin scaly with small depression, blaze creamy yellow turning to brown on exposure; branchlets glabrous. Leaves simple, alternate, estipulate; petiole 7-13 mm, stout, grooved above, glabrous; lamina 7.5-15 x 3.5-6.8 cm, oblong, elliptic, ovate-oblong or elliptic-oblong, base obtuse, obtuse or acute, apex bluntly acute or acuminate, margin entire, glabrous, glossy, coriaceous; lateral nerves 7-10 pairs, pinnate, prominent, intercostae reticulate, prominent. Flowers unisexual, yellow; male flowers; 3-7 flowers in shortly stalked cymes; peduncle 3-10 mm long, pilose; pedicels nodding, short, ultimate ones 1-4 mm; calyx large, cupular, tomentose on outside; lobes 4, obtuse; corolla tubular, 14 mm long, yellow; lobes 4, short, broad, rounded, recurved; stamens about 12, 4-6 mm long, subequal; pistillode small or absent; female flowers: solitary, axillary; pedicel short, stout; calyx large, cupular, tomentose on both surfaces, corolla tubular, 15 mm long, densely tomentose, yellowish-white; lobes 4, broad acute, patent or reflexed; staminodes 8-12, epipetalous, unequal, ovary superior, pilose, 8-celled, ovule 1-in each cell; stigmas 4, fleshy, short. Fruit a berry, subglobose, 3-5 cm across, smooth; calyx much enlarged, nearly flat, woody; seeds 1-8, 2.2 x 1.2 cm, oblong, compressed, glossy black; endosperm ruminate.

Flowering and fruiting: April-February
Semi-evergreen and evergreen forests
South West India and Sri Lanka
Rare subcanopy trees in wet evergreen forests up to 600 m.

This species was discovered in only two forest localities during the extensive surveys conducted for the National Conservation Review.  

(From  IUCN Red List (EN) ) 

Diospyros crumenata seedling:  Seedling of Diospyros crumenata.
Had ordered 10 seedlings from Kerela. 
Date/Time- August 2011
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Hyderabad
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Potted seedling
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Tree
Height/Length- 7-8 inches
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Simple, alternate


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