Almost throughout the year; Pantropical as per BSI flora of India;


Flora of Panipat: Corchorus tridens from a village near Samalkha Panipat Haryana:  Attachments (9)

Corchorus tridens from a village near Samalkha Panipat Haryana
Small herb wildly growing in a roadside area
Pls validate


Corchorus tridens L. SN Aug31 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1).
Corchorus tridens L., ascending weed in the roadsides and fallow fields.


Corchorus tridens ? : 3 posts by 2 authors. 1 image.
presenting a suspected Corchorus tridens for validation
Recorded at Patan, Gujarat, on 18 12 2016

Yes, Corchorus tridens as per comparative images and keys in Flora of Pakistan at Corchorus

SD052 plant ID : 1 image.
Photographed near Neemrana, Rajasthan

Corchorus trilocularis L. or Corchorus tridens L. ??

I too agree with …

Which one …?

Both are same …

Thanks, …, for the id.
Both are different as per keys and details in Flora of Pakistan.
Pl. see efi pages at Corchorus trilocularis and Corchorus tridens
Can you count the no. of stamens as per keys with your original images

Beak of the capsule seems to be divided in young fruits.
So it may be Corchorus tridens

Thank you …! It is synonym and only difference is the author!

Thanks, … But when we talk here about these two names (without author citations), then it  generally means that we are talking of accepted species and not synonyms.

Requesting ID: Herb from Moyar (Nilgiris, TN) (P1-S1-D10-12): 1 image.
From dry thorn area. Can anyone please identify it, at least to genus?

This appears to be Corchorus tridens L. [Malvaceae].

I too agree with …


Malvaceae: Corchorus trilocularis L.: 1 image.
location/date: University of Agricultural Sciences campus, Bangalore, July 1997