Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr., 1825 (syn: Agaricus dunalii DC., 1815 ..; Agaricus tigrinus Bull., 1782; Clitocybe tigrina (Bull.) P. Kumm., 1871; Lentinus dunalii (DC.) Fr., 1825; Lentinus fimbriatus Curr., 1863; Lentinus tigrinus var. dunalii (DC.) Rea, 1922 (ambiguous synonym) ….; Omphalia tigrina (Bull.) Gray, 1821; Panus tigrinus (Bull.) Singer, 1951; Pleurotus tigrinus (Bull.) Kühner, 1980; Pocillaria dunalii (DC.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria fimbriata (Curr.) Kuntze, 1891; Pocillaria tigrina (Bull.) Kuntze, 1891; Polyporus gerdai D. Krüger, 2004)?;



05/05/2011/YRP/01/Naoroz Estate, Chethalayam, Sultan Bathery.:  Could someone identify the mushroom please?
Date & Time- 05/05/2011
Location: Place, Altitude, GPS-  Chethalayam, Wayanad.

Habitat: Garden, Urban, Wild Type:      Wild
Plant Habit: Tree, Shrub, Climber, Herb Fungi

Possibly Panus tigrinus (= Lentinus tigrinus).


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