Arabidopsis mollissima from Sonamarg, Kashmir:  Arabidopsis mollissima (C. A. Mey.) N. Busch, Fl. Sib. et Or. Extr. 1 : 136. 1913
syn: *Arabis* *rupicola* Kyrl.,  *Sisymbrium* *mollissimum* C.A. Mey., * Sisymbrium* *thomsonii* Hook. f.

Perennial herb distinct from A. himalaica in mostly unbranched stem and racemes ebracteate; often densely pubescent with simple and branched hairs, rarely almost glabrous; cauline leaves lanceolate or oblong-ovate, sessile, auricled at base, amplexicaul, usually dentate, much smaller than the radical leaves; all leaves densely pubescent or canescent.; racemes 20-40-flowered, ebracteate, rarely 1-4 bracteate below, up to 20 cm long in
fruit; flowers white or pinkish; pedicels usually 10-15 mm long in fruit, spreading, filiform; fruit 20-45 mm long, 1-1.5 mm broad, usually erect on ± spreading pedicels.
Photographed in June from Sonamarg, Kashmir, growing among rocks and boulders.

As suggested by … for another species, I checked this one. The name has changed to Crucihimalaya mollissima (C.A.Mey.) Al-Shehbaz, O’Kane & R.A.Price, Novon 9: 299, 1999 


VoF Week: 18-092012 BS4 Brassicaceae herb for id from way to Hemkund sahib: Brassicaceae herb for id from way to Hemkund sahib. shot in midway to Hemkund sahib

I think same Crucihimalaya mollissima



VoF Week: 18092012 BS5 Brassicaceae Herb 2 for id from the way to Ghangriya:

Brassicaceae Herb 2 for id from the way to Ghangriya
Shot near Ghangriya

I hope Crucihimalaya mollissima (syn; Arabidopsis mollissima)


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