Lagunaria patersonii (R. Br.) G. Don (syn: Hibiscus patersonii R. Br.; Hibiscus patersonius Andrews; Laguna patersonia (Andrews) Sims; Laguna squamea Vent.; Solandra squamea Poir.);  
Australia (South Australia, Queensland), trop. Africa (introduced), New
Caledonia (introduced), Lord Howe Isl., Philip Isl., Norfolk Isl., Mexico
as per Catalogue of Life;

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sending photo of a tree with capsules, –Malvaceae family,
name-Lagunaria patersonia as seen in Sydney botanical park.
it is called as Norfolk island Hibiscus., it is native to Southern Queensland.
There were no flowers, only capsules were seen.
can anybody provide flower photo?



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Tree seen in the gardens of a lodge.

Lagunaria patersonii?
Just a guess.

Thanks, …
Seem to match with images of Lagunaria patersonii at

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