Talipariti archboldianum (Borss. Waalk.) Fryxell , Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 23: 234 234 2001. (Syn: Hibiscus archboldianus Borss. Waalk.; Hibiscus lepidotus Borss. Waalk.; Hibiscus womersleyanus Borss. Waalk.);
Native: Indonesia; Papua New Guinea as per Tropicos;





Malvaceae week 0905- 9112011 UD 012 Hibiscus VINE : Talipariti archiboldianum:  At a botanical garden in Southern California, in a conservatory (to save it from scorching heat and unrelenting sun, I think). I found this…  Was new and different.. never imagined hibiscus would grow on a vine…
Unfortunately I had used up all the memory in the card, and ran out of lots of (all) the batteries… got these 4 pictures… the vine had only one flower… way up there… far  and could not see it too well…
But sending it in… just so if any one else has seen this.. or if its also available in some botanical garden in India….
The white label in picture 1 says it all…
Family:     Malvaceae
Subfamily:      Malvoideae
Tribe:              Hibisceae
Genus:                    Talipariti
Species                       Talipariti archboldianum
Synonyms:   Hibiscus archboldianum  **
** 1:   Talipariti archboldianum ssp. (Borrs.Waalk.) Fryxell var. Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 23: 234 (2001) is an accepted taxon
** 2:   Hibiscus archboldianus Borssum Waalkes, Reinwardtia 4(1): 59, f. 9. 1956.- Malvaceae  [Talipariti archboldianum (Borssum Waalkes) Fryxell, Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 23: 234. 2001.]
** (ref:   http://www.malvaceae.info/Synonymy/index.php )
Named after  Richard Archbold, a naturalist of good reputation and vision, established Archbold Biological Station in Florida, led several expeditions to the tropics and collected countless specimen… botanical and zoological… numerous species in Plant and Animal kingdoms have been named after him….