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Flora of Haryana: Prosopis glandulosa from a village near Karnal: Prosopis glandulosa from a village near Karnal 
Roadside tree, wild (may be planted by Forest a deptt but only 2 tree can be seen)

Nice  photographs of different views. 

Is this the same as Honey Mesquite, a native of Arizona desert…

I was looking for Arizona native Lonicera…   and ran into this site.. site itself is very interesting.. and found this name.. that I thought rang a bell as having seen in  eflora forum recently… and sure it has the same name…
Now I wonder how did a native of Arizona flourish in Haryana?

Yes .. it is, i also think Honey Mesquite
I dont know why this name but i have seen lots of Bees on its flowers. After the visit when i saw this tree. I am looking for it at another places also. But not even a single tree could be found except that little stretch of about 500 mts near Karnal. I have to enquire more in this matter