Siegmarswurz-(Malva alcea) from my garden in Ritterhude. Hope the ID is correct.

In forground Duftende Platterbse (/Lathyrus odoratus/) in many diff. colors.
Fotos taken in July 2011.
Siegmarswurz is more or less wild and grows everywhere, even near Rhodos. So I am filling the empty room between Rhodos with Siegmarswurz.
Siegmarswurz comes also in white, but I don’t have them, am looking for the seeds.

A few more of Siegmarswurz-(Malva alcea) from my garden in Ritterhude
Fotos from August 2010 

musk mallow? reminds me of  a hollyhock though… very nice to see the seed pods… 

Greater musk mallow
That confused me also for a while, I thought perhaps Alcea (Althaea)-the holly hock has been merged with Malva and I was looking for correct name for our Alcea rosea. It was only when I saw Malva alcea as a long established name from my Bailey book that I saw three epicalyx in … plant (more than six in Alcea, holly hock) and deeply parted leaves that I got reassured.