Please help to ID this Commelinaceae found forest floor of Sirumalai, an offshoot mountains of Western ghats.
Date/Time- 16-05-2010 / 1:30 PM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPca.1600asl; Dindigul, TN
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- wild
Plant Habit-long trailing herb
Height/Length- ca. 1 -2 feet
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- c. 7 x 1 cm; linear
Inflorescence Type/ Size- single cyme
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- c. 1.5 cm across

This may be Commelina ensifolia R. Br.
Syn. Commelina liongifolia of Thw.
This opinion drawn from shape of spathe, petal shape and from leaves.


Commelinaceae for id 150310MK2 : Attachments (3). 5 posts by 3 authors.
This Commelinaceae member is photographed in a river bank (Moyar). It grows in shady soil. Please help to identify this herb.
Date/Time- 12-12-2009 / 03:00 PM
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Nilgiri North Dist; river bank; ca. 300msl
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-  Wild; exposed slopes
Plant Habit- Herb;
Height/Length-  10-15cm
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size- Plicate; 4-6cm long
Inflorescence Type/ Size- Raceme; 2.5 – 3cm long
Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts- Blue; ca. 1.5cm across
Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-  
Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.- No fragrance

I think the plant is Commelina erecta L. 

Look likes Commelina ensifolia, flower and spathes remembering me the some older collection from Coimbatore

Commelina sp. for ID :  6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2).

Could this be Commelina undulata?
Found at the base of a hill in Makalidurga
June 29th

This could be Commelina ensifolia rather than C. undulata.

Thank you very much.


Commelina ensifolia R.Br. SN 27 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).
Commelina ensifolia R.Br wild herb in the foot hill area of Krishnagiri dt Tamilnadu


Commelina ensifolia R. Br. SN Jan 02 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Commelina ensifolia R. Br, common wild herb from Kancheepuram district of Tamilnadu

Commelina sp. for ID from Uttarakhand_DSR_October 2017_3 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
This Commelina sp. was shot near Jimmi Ghat (1800m), near Munsyari in Uttarakhand.
Please suggest the ID.

Thanks, …, I hope you have already checked comparative images at /species/a—l/cl/commelinaceae/commelina

To me appears close to images at Commelina ensifolia R.Br. as per comparative images at /species/a—l/cl/commelinaceae/commelina

Do you have the specimens with you, if yes? I would suggest to dissect the capsule and let me update with the number of locules and seeds.
Brown ciliate hairs at sheath summit are really unique, otherwise for me too it appears to be C. ensifolia. 

Thank you … for suggesting the ID as C. ensifolia. Since this species is not known in Uttarakhand more critical study of specimens can be conclusive. Unfortunately I did not collected the specimens.


Location :  Kallar, Mettupalayam, Ciombatore, Tamil Nadu.
Date : 30 October 2018.
Elevation : 500 m.

Habit : Wild.
The leaves were covered with dense hairs. Might this be Commelina hirsuta?

Thanks … My specimen does not seem to match with Commelina hirsuta! Still looking for ID…

Not Commelina hirsuta, you can check with Commelina ensifolia instead.

It is not Commelina hirsuta. Sorry! It does not seem to match with Commelina ensifolia too. I checked some images and all of them do not have this much surface hairs on the leaves. That is what confuses me!

Leaf surface hairs vary, especially in Commelina. You can confirm with the capsule and seed characters.
I believe this is possibly C. ensifolia. Do confirm.

Thanks … I did not get any specimens from my last trip. I’ll try to collect specimens next time for detailed analysis.


E23092021EPT7879: 1 image.
Presenting for ID Commelina species?
Taken on
Location: Chennai outskirts
Elevation: 55mts
Habitat: Roadside fence
Habit: Weed

Please check for  Commelina erecta://www.inaturalist.org/guide_taxa/490752

Pl. post a habit image.

Presenting another image

Please check Commelina !

Can you just check with Commelina ensifolia!

Pl. check comparative images at Commelina

For time being please label it as Commelina ensifolia.