Trochetiopsis ebenus Cronk,  Edinburgh J. Bot. 52: 210 1995.;




Trochetiopsis ebenus Cronk, Edinburgh J. Bot. 52: 210 1995.
Common name: Saint Helena ebony
Plant endemic to the island of Saint Helena in the southern Atlantic Ocean. Saint Helena ebony is now critically endangered in the wild. It was assumed to be extinct till two bushes were discovered in 1980. From these two bushes many thousands of specimens have been propagated by seed and vegative propagation. These represent a small, and perhaps atypical, representation of the former variability of the species. 
A low spreading shrub with horizontal stems; leaves ovate and sub-cordate, about 7 cm long, dark green with brown hairs beneath; flowers about 7-8 cm across, white aging to pink; epicalyx of 3 triangular segments;
staminal column reddish purplish brown with 5 ligulate staminodes of the same colour, surrounded by 5 stamens. The filaments and pollen of the stamens are orange.
Photographed University of California Botanical Garden in June, 2008