Butomus umbellatus from KashmirButomus umbellatus Linn., Sp. Pl. 372. 1753
Common names: flowering-rush, grassy-rush, water-gladiolus
Aquatic perennial herb with rhizome, leaves basal, linear-ensiform with sheathing base nearly as long as scape; inflorescence umbellate-cymose, on usually 50 cm to 1 m long scape, inflorescence subtended by 2-3 up to 25 mm long bracts, bracteoles numerous up to 10 mm long; flowers pink on up to 5-9 cm long pedicels; perianth 6, bi-seriate; stamens 5-9, rarely more with linear filaments dilated at base; carpels 6-9, free, each with many ovules; fruit etaerio of follicles, each with numerous small seeds.
Considered as primitive monocot representative.
Often found in Rodside ditches in Kashmir.
Leaves used in making mats and baskets, baked rhizomes used as food.
Photographed from Narbal near Srinagar on Srinagar-Gulmarg Road. Photographed in July

Gorgeous………. Initially thought it to be from family : Iridaceae. On checking it belongs to family Butomaceae .. Monocot


Butomus umbellatus: 2 high res. images.

Habitat:Paddy fields 
Location:Kulgam, Jammu and kashmir.

Again the same suggestion. Post the pictures of habit and foliage ???

Do you have images of the lower part?
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1 high res. image.