Ximenia americana ?;



ID no. 300711TS01 – Tree ID request:  I photographed this tree in fruit at Savandurga hill, near Magadi about 60
km west of Bangalore on 28th July. The tree was one of many in a cluster in rocky habitat; not very large – about 4-6 m in height, with opposite, elliptic leaves, with mature ones 6-8 cm long, and orange fruit about 1-1.5
cm across. The skin of the fruit had a fibrous inner layer, and transluscent, watery pulp (with the consistency of litchi pulp, also reminded me of *Cordia*) surrounded a single stone (the pulp was slightly sour). The leaves of some trees were infested with galls on the upper surface. I’d be grateful for any help in identification.

I think it is Myristica malabarica of Myristicaceae family.
Please cross check with any flora. Please cut open the fruit as see whether the seeds are red arillated and when you make a cut on the bark there would be red sap oozing out. http://www.biotik.org/india/species/m/myrimala/myrimala_en.html

But your description about fruits, opposite leaves and the place it is collected provoked my thoughts and made me rethink. Now I don’t think that it is Myristica. Let me check it again.
Do you have a close up of leaves and fruit by any chance?

yes even i think Myristica malabarica,

It doesn’t look like Myristica to me. If at all, then it may be M. fragrance for the shape and texture of fruits, and not M. malabarica for sure. But, the description of fruit and leaf provided by …., leads more to Ximenia americana. A clearer picture of fruits and leaves would help to confirm the id.

As per me this is not ximenia americana because we have to see alternate leaf arrangements in Ximenia americana. At present image only see opposite leaves.

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