Capparis grandiflora Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson, Fl. Brit. India 1: 174 1872. (Syn: Capparis pyrifolia Wight & Arn. [Illegitimate]);



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Please help me to identify this Capparis sp. I think this is not C. spinosa.
Date: 17 April 2011
Location: Coimbatore dist.; foothills of Velliangiri
Alt: c 400 metres
Habit: wild shrub
Leaf: 3 x 2.5 cm
Flower: white; 5-6 cm across

This is Mastodi [Capparis sepiaria].

… have not seen such large white ¿ petal ? structure in Capparis sepiaria … though the leaves look similar.
Some photos of Capparis sepiaria in my flickr photostream …

Yes this does not look like C. sepiaria as the flower are much larger.
i feel the stamens are much more than than in C. sepiaria.

Thank you for your comments. Sending you one of my photogrpahs of Capparis sepiaria [Mastodi] for comparison. 

… as per my belief, Capparis sepiaria [Mastodi].jpg is not Capparis sepiaria … have not seen this yet.
Eager to know about this one; as well ready to stand corrected.

This photograph was taken at the start of the Tulsi road in the Borivali N.P.

the plant posted by you looks like C. zeylanica.
the stamens are white initially, whcih turns to deep pink in older stage.

Agreeing with …, this Capparis sepiaria [Mastodi].jpg almost looks like C. zeylanica (which of course you are well aware of).

….. photo is Capparis zeylanica

I guess photo posted for id is Capparis spinosa

It is Capparis grandiflora Wall.ex.Hook.f. & Thoms.



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Family: Capparaceae
Date: 19th April 2015
Place: Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu

Habit: Shrub
Habitat: Dry deciduous forest

Identified by … as Capparis spinosa L.

Capparis spinosa seems to show a lot of variation.

Do you think it is another species sir?

No. Just wrote after experiencing different posts.

There might be regional variation in colour of petals and size of flowers.

Not tenera or spinosa. Please check other regional species.

It is Capparis grandiflora Wall., Ref:

Thorns hooked, leaves pubescent, flowers white, stamens >50, (Ref. FPM Gamble-page 43-45)



Sharing the images of Capparis spinosa

Appears more close to images at Capparis grandiflora Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson



Please ID the plant. Photographs were taken on 19.5.2013 in Chamundi hills, Mysore

Could be Capparis spinosa.

Thanks for the possible ID.

Appears more close to images at Capparis grandiflora Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson


efloraindia: 041111 BRS124: Pl. find the attached file contain photo for sp. id confirmation. At present I don’t have other images of leaf or tree.
Location: NBNP garden. Anaikatti, Coimbatore
Date: May, 2011.

Also noticed mass flowering along the road side of Mangarai to Anaikatti (SH 164) Woody scrub jungle forest.

It is Capparis sepiaria.

Appears like Capparis spinosa. Was it growing in dry river bed

Appears more close to images at Capparis grandiflora Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson



Nature hits the high note… in white! Capparis from Chamundi hills:
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Nature hits the high note… in white!

Shot at Chamundi hills, Mysore
Capparis species … C. mooni ?
Shrub, Spiny stem,
Leaves – glabrous , 2-3 cms, alternate,
Flowers-large, 7cms approx, White
10 Mar 2012

Capparis mooni Leaf description tells: leaves are upto 9cms.

Here in my pics, leaves are much smaller. So it could be a difft Capparis. kind.

I guess it is close to Capparis grandiflora Wall. ex Hook.f. & Thomson.

Capparis grandiflora