Lepidagathis hamiltoniana ?

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I attach 2 specimens, which I feelare Lepidagathis cristata (a unresolved name as per the plant list).
While I was perusing the specimens available in efloraindia I have seen the specimen of Lepidagathis hamiltoniana which is identical with the attached specimen.

I will be thankful if it is clarified how to differentiate between them.

efi page on Lepidagathis hamiltoniana

Flower shape, colour, size, pubescent stem are the differences between the two. Besides it is reported from the regional flora means one has to take the matter in to consideration.

The two are very close but differentiated as

1. L. cristata: Bracts and bracteoles pubescent; calyx lobes thickened upwards with short spine
2. L. hamiltoniana: Bracts and bracteoles long acuminate with long hairs along margin;  calyx lobes not thickened upwards with long spine, long hairy; corolla silky hairy. 
The above plant looks L. hamiltoniana

May I request you to send high resolution images as details are not clear.

I have doubts about Lepidagathis hamiltoniana Wall. as it is not reported from Tamil Nadu as per details at Lepidagathis

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