Month Week Family(s) OR Theme Coordinator Hero of the Week
2012 JAN 2 8 Fabaceae – Mimosoideae Dr. Gurcharan Singh Mr. Dinesh Valke
2012 FEB 612 Rubiaceae Dr. Gurcharan Singh Mr. Prashant Awale
Mr. Dinesh Valke
2012 MAR 1218 Convolvulaceae Dr. Balkar Singh Dr. Balkar Singh
Mr. Dinesh Valke (Runner up)
2012 APR 28 Cucurbitaceae Dr. Nidhan Singh Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Dr. Nidhan Singh (Runner up)
2012 MAY 713 Rutaceae  Mr. M. Porcher Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Mr. Prashant Awale (Runner up)
2012 JUNE 410 Boraginaceae Dr. Gurcharan Singh  Mr. Dinesh Valke
Dr. Gurcharan Singh
2012 JULY  2 Campanulaceae & Gentianaceae  Dr. Gurcharan Singh  Mr. Prashant Awale
Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Valley of Flowers Special
one month episode 
Dr. Balkar Singh
Mr. Rajesh Sachdev 
Dr. Balkar Singh
Mr. Prashant Awale
Mr. Dinesh Valke
Dr. Nidhan Singh
2012  OCTOBER  114 Kas Plateau Special 
fortnight episode
Mr. Shrikant Ingalhalikar Mr. Narendra Joshi 
Dr. Satish Phadke
Ms. Dalia Set
2012  NOVEMBER  511  Brassicaceae  Dr. Gurcharan Singh Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Mr. Prashant Awale
2012  DECEMBER  39 9a Caryophyllaceae Dr. Gurcharan Singh Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Dr. Nidhan Singh
Mr. Dinesh Valke
Star of Monthly Weeks 2012……………Mr. Prasant Awale
First Runner-up Star of Monthly Weeks…...Mr. Dinesh Valke 
Second Runner-up Star of Monthly Weeks..Dr. Balkar Singh
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