Wild plant ID request – RK33 – 26-Oct-2012: Request id of this interesting plant growing en masse in a marsh / wetland in Vasai region. The leaves are huge, may be well over 2 feet long. I could not go near to the plant and could only take some pictures from a distance.

This seems an interesting plant. Pls find out what is the habit (below leaves) and if any flowers/fruits are borne. Must keep a follow up.

I could not go near the plant because of the difficult terrain but there was a stream of water flowing where this
plant grows.

I think it is Alocasia macrorrhizos (L.) G. Don.

Thanks a lot … for the id. I looked on the internet after seeing your msg and the leaves do remind me of it. Hopefully somebody acquainted with this plant could confirm it.

Seems like Colocasia

It is Alocasia NOT Colocasia. When I checked again, it is closer to Alocasia indica (Lour.) Koch. because the petiole is slender. If I am not mistaken, In the past it was named as Colocasia indica (Lour.) non Hassk.


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