Parietaria debilis from Chakrata areaParietaria debilis G.Forst., Fl. Ins. Austr. 73 1786 Syn: Freirea
(G.Forst.) Jarm.; Freirea australis Nees

Family: Urticaceae

This small insignicant plant may be missed by many, and I had probably missed it many times till one day on collection trip to Sonamarg in Kashmir, the famous Russian authority on Salicaceae, Prof. K. Skvortsov picked up a plant from under the rock and showed it to me. I found it again in Chakrata while moving towards Deovan area and again towards Budher caves area.

A diffuse pubescent herb with numerous straggling delicate stems, often forming patches; leaves alternate, 3-nerved, 10-25 mm long, ovate to orbicular; flowers minute in axillary clusters, male with 4 stamens,
4-parted perianth; female with tubular 4-lobed perianth enclosing ovary, stigma a tuft of hairs; fruit enclosed in persistent perianth.

Here are mines Sir from same place same time


Parietaria debilis G.Forst. (Urticaceae) is a small delicate herb in temperate and alpine zones of Uttarakhand.     I have seen it reaching up to 4500m elevation in Garhwal. It grows below rocks in shady moist conditions.

Here photographed in Khalya alpine zone near Munsyari, Uttarakhand.


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