S. India as per WCSP;


oldenlandia herbaceae for validation: oldenlandia herbaceae, mahabeleshwar

few weeks ago
small herb with tiny flowers, about 1.5 mm approximately
would very much appreciate a confirmation

Appears to be very good images of Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f.


Rubiaceae Week: Oldenlandia sp. @ Kaas (October) for id SM-1: My guess is O. stocksii based on calyx lobes longer than calyx tube;
Calyx and corolla lobes of similar length;
Stamens exerted;
Do not remember leaf characteristics.

Please tell us the place of collection.

Time (date/season) of flowering. I would like to know whether the fruits are dehiscent or not.

In O.stocksii flowers are blue corolla is campanulate with a broad tube (Gamble).

I have referred mainly to Flora of Maharashtra for identifying the plant. Found the keys most helpful (stamens exerted) even though I could not follow them in sequence as did not have the opportunity to observe capsule dehiscence & seeds. Capsule shape is seen reasonably well in the relevant image.

Am attaching two other images where the ‘campanulate’ nature of the corolla is better appreciated and the subulate leaves are tapering to a point.
With regards to the ‘blue corolla’ (even Flora Maharashtra says so) I must admit that the corolla appears white in my images – with just a tinge of blue in them on closer scrutiny (Light conditions and even monitor calibration also play a significant role in color perception).

The plant height may please be deduced from the images as I cannot recollect the same, except that it was a very low / short plant. The subject line addresses the other questions.

I understand from a private personal communication that this could be white form of the species Oldenlandia stocksii Hook. f.

Our major problem is we have no first-hand experience with the species, refer to outdated text, then slavishly rely on the same.
Had not communicated this additional bit of recently received information to the group as I am myself in the process of verifying it.
Will appreciate help from group-members in getting hold of the references mentioned below (I’ve tried but am not able to locate them so far) which I believe will meet your stringent taxonomic standards.
This plant is found under the name of Hedyotis stocksii (Hook. f.) R.S.Rao & Hemadri in the ‘Taxonomic Revision of Hedyotis L. (Rubiaceae) in Indian Subcontinent’. R. Dutta & D.B. Deb, 127 (2004) and in the ‘Flora of Mahabaleshwar and adjoining Maharashtra’. S. Deshpande, B.D. Sharma & M.P. Nayar. Vol.1, 279 (1993). Botanical Survey of India.
Lastly, if the references mentioned above are, for any reason, unacceptable I will be delighted to write a brief communication to a peer reviewed botany publication for validation. If so, trust you will lend support to my endeavor. 




Small Rubiaceae herb for id : Attachments (2). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This small herb about 6cms high was seen growing at Matheran among short grasses on 7.9.2013.
Flowers tiny, solitary, white with stamens exserted.
Calyx lobes bristle tipped as long as or longer than corolla lobes.
Leaves sessile, also bristle tipped, rough in texture.  Stem slightly pubescent.  Can this be Hedyotis stocksii or Oldenlandia stocksii?

efi thread
My above post (confirmed as O. stocksii by Sally Dawson, Curator/Researcher, Rubiaceae systematics, from Kew) will be of help to you …
There are 2 color variants in this species.

Thank you …, for your reply. My plant closely resembles yours except it is smaller and less branched. In other respects it seems to match.
I did not see seed capsules so I’ll go back a little later and look again.



DV – 02OCT09 – 1112 :: tiny herb at Lion’s Point, Lonavala. : Attachments (2). 21 posts by 8 authors.

Only two photographs; may not be sufficient for ID.
Hoping to get ID.

Date/Time : October 2, 2009 at 11.12am IST
Location Place : near Lion’s Point, Lonavala … Altitude : 791 m … GPS : 18°42’32.71″N, 73°23’20.34″E
Habitat : wild … Type : high altitude grassland
Plant Habit : small herb … Height : about 6 – 8 in … Length : – not climber –
Leaves Type : simple, oppositely arranged, entire margin … Shape : narrow linear ? … Size : 5 – 7 mm x 2 – 2.5 mm
Inflorescence Type : solitary … Size : –
Flowers Size : about 4 mm … Colour : white … Calyx : alternates with petals ? ..

Can this be any species of Mollugo sp [Molluginaceae]?

Not Molluginaceae. This is member of Portulaceae. Please check with good photo.

Kindly note opposite leaves, small but distinct corolla tube between calyx lobes (which arise higher up) and free part of corolla. All this points to Rubiaceae, and the member which is supposed to be easily confused with Mollugo is Oldenlandia corymbosa. Please consider this.

… e u r e k a … Swertia minor.

Can’t ignore inferior ovary. To me this is one of best taken photographs: allows you to see perfect side view of tiny flower. It is unfortunate we are not able to get the right identity.

Now that you have uploaded photographs of Swertia minor, you would agree it is not.
Could you kindly some photographs with fruit of this plant.

Well … Swertia flowers at Panchagani made me think of this post … led me to believe that these tiny flowers (could be half the size compared to those of Panchagani) would be indeed Swertia .. smaller in size owing to some reasons not known to me !!!
Now that they are not Swertia, the search for its identity is on !! makes me more curious, too.
Many thanks … for the clarity.

Could you please let me know which species of oldenlandia grow in that area (or say Maharashtra).

… here are what could be compiled:
Dentella repens (syn. Oldenlandia repens) … RULING OUT
Neanotis lancifolia    (syn. Hedyotis lancifolia, Oldenlandia lancifolia) … RULING OUT
Oldenlandia corymbosa (syn. Hedyotis corymbosa) … BRIGHT CHANCE
Oldenlandia herbacea (syn. Hedyotis herbacea) … BRIGHT CHANCE
Oldenlandia scabrida … RULING OUT
Thank you very much, … for narrowing down the ID.

I had almost decided upon O. corymbosa, what has been worrying me right from the beginning is the nature of calyx. Four calyx lobes (or sepals) seem to be arising from what does not look like calyx tube, but rather almost of same colour (slightly lighter) as colour. Frankly I have never seen this before, and not able to comprehend.

… am getting what you are pointing.
Just a naive query … what if the fruiting has begun ? … would the sepals then look like arising from the fruit ?

Like several earlier replies my reply to this post of today morning seems misplaced. This may be Hedyotis herbacea looking at tiny white flowers on long slender prduncles. Habit picture would confirm the ID. 

Thank you very much … (your morning response was addressed to me alone … thus did not get to EOI).
As responded to you …
… unfortunately, it did not occur to me then to take photo of the habitat … these are the only two photographs.
Supporting reason: it was drizzling !!!
Recollecting, it was patch of grassy area with about 2 – 6 inch high plants spread over approximately 30 – 50 sq m.
The GPS co-ordinates … fairly precise: 18°42’32.71″N, 73°23’20.34″E ± 1 – 2 seconds
The altitude 791 m asl could be ± 10 m (measured with Google Earth)

Oldenlandia herbacea may be correct identity

I think this plant is Oldenlandia stocksii

Many thanks … for this ID. It was long pending ID.



Kas Week :: DV :: 28 SEP 08 – 1144 :: ¿ species of Oldenlandia ?:   Kas plateauabout 4000 ft asl
… one of the 39 World Heritage sites in the Western Ghats of India

ID please.
Date/Time: September 28, 2008 at 11.44am
Habit: small herb, standing just about 3 – 5 inches
Habitat: lateritic plateau among other small herbs and grass

All the images are of Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f.  

Yes …, now it is easy to realize. Thank you very very much for arriving to the ID.




Oldenlandia herbacea (L.) Roxb.
old-en-LAND-ee-a — named for Henrik Bernhard Oldenland, Danish botanist and curator
her-buh-SEE-uh — not woody
Aug 26, 2010 … at Panchagani Tableland, Maharashtra
commonly known as: slender oldenlandia • yet to compile Indic names
Native to: tropical Africa, w Indian Ocean, China, India, Sri Lanka, s-e Asia
References: Flowers of IndiaNPGS / GRIN
more views: Oct 2, 2009 … at Lion’s Point near Lonavala, Maharashtra 
Feb 19, 2011 … at Dodhani near Matheran, Maharashtra

Good Closeup of a small flower

I think Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f. as per discussions in another thread at DV – 02OCT09 – 1112 :: tiny herb at Lion’s Point, Lonavala.

On going through all the images, I have doubt about sighting of Feb 19, 2011 … at Dodhani near Matheran, Maharashtra … they are images: 5460946580_caf16e05c7.jpg and 5460946120_c9d8c13c93.jpg) … the flowers do not have exerted stamens as in other images … I am confused about their identity. Sorry for the mess in this post.

Images from Dodhani appears to be of Oldenlandia herbacea (L.) Roxb. as per images, details and references herein. 



Baba Budangiri Karnataka
Date: 14 NOV 2016 … Altitude: ~ 1733 – 1895 m ( 5686 – 6217 ft) asl 
¿ Oldenlandia stocksii ? … (family: Rubiaceae) 
Dear friends,
This plant reminded me of the tiny herb at Lion’s Point, Lonavala, which got resolved to Oldenlandia stocksii.
Referring to page in eFIherbarium at page in Digital Flora of Karnataka, I think posted plant must be Oldenlandia stocksii.

it may possibly be that same herb in a drier situation.
However the calyx seems to be somewhat smaller here and lacks the
bristle tips. This and the difference in the leaves might be accounted
for by the drier season.

I compared it with my images of O.stocksii and found the same inconsistencies.

Thank you very much … for your thoughts.

Thanks to you for resurfacing one of my earlier post related to Oldenlandia sp. – which I am convinced is Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f.

I strongly believe this gregarious colony must be Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f. … as per other discussions in eFI related to Oldenlandii stocksii.
Do please validate if you think otherwise.

Thanks, …, I agree with you for the time being.
However, I am finalising Hedyotis complex in efi site. If something else comes up. I will let you know. 


For id – neanotis sp. – Kas_sept 09_SSN : Attachments (2).  3 posts by 3 authors.

request for id – neanotis sp.
pic taken at Kas, Near Satara, Maharashtra in Sept 09
sorry for not having pic of the plant or leaves.

looks like Hedyotis stocksii

Yes. Images are of Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f. as suggested by …
Requesting to please provide ID of this very tiny herb captured near Satara, Maharashtra in October 2014.

Oldenlandia sp.

Oldenlandiaspecies in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available) 

Oldenlandia sp

Oldenlandia species from me also.

Thanks to everyone for the genus ID….hoping to get the species ID…

Can this be O. stocksii…, was present in efi database as being captured from this area?

Reference thread  

Attaching 2 cropped pics of the same…. Attachments (2)

Attaching some pics of a similar plant from the area (Satara, Sep 2015).
Are these pics sufficient to provide an ID?

Attachments (4)

Yes. All the images are of Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f. 





identification please-no.ssn1 : 8 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (7)

i found this very tiny plant on rocky soil near a damp place during mid morning just a few shoots growing in small area of few square feet perhaps only for few hours as i could not locate it later. flowers so tiny unable to focus even with macro lens.
date/time: Sept 18
locality: Aambyvalley Rd., Off lonavala
habitat: herb
height: about 6″

Looks like Oldenlandia species. 

Thanks …, looks like it though I would be glad to have the species.

Oldenlandia diffusa !

I think it should be Oldenlandia stocksii….. see … his photos taken at the same place… Lions point Lonavala.

Oh! You know in advance ??

I agree with you for Oldenlandia stocksii Hook.f.


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