Vaccaria hispanica (Mill.) Rauschert, Wiss. Z. Martin-Luther-Univ. Halle-Wittenberg, Math.-Naturwiss. Reihe 14: 496 1965. (Syn: Gypsophila vaccaria Sm.; Gypsophila vaccaria Clarke ex Towns.; Lychnis vaccaria Scop. (Unresolved); Saponaria amplissima Mill. (Unresolved); Saponaria oxydonta (Boiss.) Boiss.; Saponaria pentagona Steud. (Unresolved); Saponaria perfoliata Gilib. (Unresolved); Saponaria rubra Lam. (Unresolved); Saponaria segetalis Neck.; Saponaria vaccaria L.; Saponaria vaccaria var. grandiflora Fisch. ex DC.; ..; Vaccaria grandiflora Jaub. & Spach; .; Vaccaria oxydonta Boiss.; Vaccaria parviflora Moench; Vaccaria perfoliata Sweet; Vaccaria pyramidalis Prahl; Vaccaria pyramidata Medik. ..; Vaccaria segetalis Garcke ex Asch.; .; Vaccaria vaccaria (L.) Huth; Vaccaria vaccaria (L.) Britton; Vaccaria vulgaris Host);
Common name: Cow cockle, Cow Soapwort, Cowherb, Cow Basil, Musna मुसना

For Id from Panchkula-Command Hospital 2012:  this one was shot from Command Hospital, Western Command, Panchkula in 2012. I thought this to be a Silene species on the first look. Hope to find the Id…

I hope Vaccaria hispanica (Mill.) Rauschert (syn: Saponaria vaccaria L.; Vaccaria pyramidata Medik.)

Vaccaria hispanica indeed (Caryophyllaceae)




For Id from Panchkula-Command Hospital 2012: Putting forward again for your consideration please..

It has been identified as Vaccaria hispanica as per earlier thread

Yes one of the two commonest weeds in fields: Silene conoidea and Saponaria vaccaria (now vaccaria hispanica). I have yet to capture it in my camera.

Thanks again Sir, yes Silene conoidea is fairly available here, but I must say, I have never reported Vaccaria as a weed in our area (or in Haryana at large)……



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