Ipomoea diversifolia R. Br. (syn: Convolvulus diversifolius (R. Br.) Spreng. (ambiguous synonym); Ipomoea laciniata (Dalz.) C. B. Cl. (ambiguous synonym); Pharbitis laciniata Dalz.);
Australia (Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland), Philippines (Luzon), India as per Catalogue of Life

Bot. name: Ipomoea laciniata

Family: Convolvulaceae

Location: Chandoli WLS & Kas, Maharashtra.

Ipomoea laciniata is a relatively rare night blooming species pollinated by moths.
Your photos are a rare and valuable reference (!)
I hope this can become a species designated for conservation gardening.

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Could you please help me identify the following plant.
Date : September 2019
Location : Warad, Sindhudurg, Maharashtra
Habitat- Wild (Open rocky grassland)
Plant Habit- Creeper (mostly prostrate but few places seen twinning around other erect plants)

Leaves /Shape- alternately arranged on the stem, digitate-pedate(the lobes are more sinuate and deeply divided further)
Inflorescence: Flowers are solitary
Flowers Size/Shape: around 4-4.5 inches long flower. Corolla tube is long and light pink in colour, flower lobes are more white.
Sepals have oblong-lanceolate shape and are somewhat ribbed on outer surface.
Fruits: Capsule, subglobose in shape

Looks slightly different from Ipomoea coptica !

I suggest Ipomoea laciniata (syn. Ipomoea diversifolia).

Images are good.
What is required is local exploration for more leaf forms, if any.
Extreme dissection of leaf is present in this case. it needs to be ascertained whether less dissected leaf forms are present or not.
[There are species of Convolvulaceae in our country waiting to be discovered.
Recently there was a post on facebook from near Jalgaon MH, reporting what looked like Ipomoea tenuipes, only difference was it had round corolla limb.
Then I found out this species was published from Aurangabad MH, and reported in EFI from Vadodara GJ.]

Thank you … for possible ID.

Rakesh ji,  I observed this plant at 3 different locations in Warad (District Sindhudurg) area. Attached photos are from these three locations.
Location 1 photos:  From     Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_1.jpeg      to        Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_7.jpeg
Location 2 photos : From    Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_8.jpeg       to        Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_11.jpeg
Location 3 photos : Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_12.jpeg, Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_14.jpeg, Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_15.jpeg,Unidentified_Convolvulaceae_16.jpeg
All these specimens had similar leaves. No prominent variation was seen. But I will try to collect/ explore more such specimens to check for variations in the leaf form and whether less dissected leaf forms are present.

As per Flora of Maharashtra State II (2001),
Corolla 5-6 cm long……..               I. diversifolia
Corolla 1-1.2 cm long…..                     I. coptica