fern like trailer ID :: 11/03/12 :: Hooghly (WB) SK-2:

Found this trailer in a unkept private property inside a village. While trailing this trailer i noticed that one end this one clung to a coconut tree. I was afraid of exploring more because of fear of snakes. There were many big trees and thick bushes under which i saw this plant.

The leaflets (?) were about a ft each.

Species : Unknown

Type : wild trailer + clinger

Date : 28-Feb-2012, 12.02 p.m.

Place : Garalgacha (Hooghly), WB

Stenochlaena sps., may it be Stenochlaena palustris

 It’s Stenochlanea palustris (Blechnaceae) – though only a few of its mature pinnae are visible, down the bottom of the photo.
Edible when the leaves are young and red – and known as Ranga Dhekia in Assam – it just gets as far west as S.E. Nepal in the terai. It starts off in wet, marshy places and the rhizome can then climb up and festoon trees – when it produces fertile leaves with narrow pinna’d, Plagiogyria-like fertile leaves



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Habitat: Village thickets

Coniogramme serrulata F ??  

This is Stenochlaena palustris, edible young, red fronds, and known as Ranga Dhekia in Assam and Bengal. 



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