Terminalia corticosa Pierre ex Laness., Pl. Util. Col. Franç. 315 1886. (Syn: Terminalia mucronata Craib et Hutch.; Terminalia thorelii

Images by (Raman Arunachalam – Id by Navendu Page) , (For
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Distribution Cambodia, Vietnam (South), Thailand ( Northern) and Laos (Attapeu, Champassack, Khammouane and Savannakhet provinces).   

Terminalia thorelii, I presume

It could be Terminalia microcarpa F.J. Muell one of the tree in INDEX SEMINUM of Botanical Garden, Lalbagh

I saw Terminalia microcarpa in Lalbagh with a name board.

This one was without name board.
Also the barks are different, as well as the leaves

Biotik  The Plant List 1 (Terminalia corticosa Pierre ex Laness.- Unresolved) The Plant List 2 (Terminalia thorelii Gagnep.- unresolved)  world agroforestry

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