Argyreia sericea ?;

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Please help in identification of this climber

location:ambyvalley rd,lonavala,pune
plant habit:climber
height:about 5-6 ft.

… looks species of Argyreia.
Let us wait for comment(s).

The characters are not clear in photo specially the sepals, inflorescence and also the fruits which are most important for identification of the species of Convolvulaceae.

I would have guessed Argyreia sericea except that the flowers are of a darker pink than usual.

looks like Argyreia sericea!!?? some pics of bracts would be more helpful in identification



Heart Shape Leaves Climber : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (7)- around 500 kb each.

Please help identify climber in attached pictures.
Location: Matheran, Maharashtra, Western Ghats
Date: Mid December
It has few hair on stem and petiole.
Leaves did not felt hairy.
It’s venation is not matching Tinospora Cordifolia.   

I think it is not Tinospora: may be Argyreia sp.

Thanks … 🙏. Trying to figure out which Argyreia? Is it Argyreia sericea?

May be. But can not be sure as per images and details at 

Though it looks like Argyreia, it does not have much hair on leaf and stem. Not very sure which species is it. 

If it is Argeria also check for A.nervosa  & A.elliptica.  In the absence of flowers etc. it is difficult to pin point the ID. 

Leaves, stem does not have hairs, seems cannot say A.nervosa.
Leaves are not elliptic so cannot say A.elliptica

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