Pomatocalpa angustifolium Seidenf., Opera Bot. 95: 110 1988.;

ORCHIDACEAE: Pomatocalpa angustifolium Seidenf. from Hong Kong (Thailand):

Pomatocalpa angustifolium Seidenf., Opera Bot. 95: 110 (1988).
Family: Orchidaceae
Distribution: Thailand, Vietnam
Current pic is taken in KFBG, Hong Kong. Plant is collected from Thailand.

“angustifolia” and angustifolium both are mentioned in different sources.

Check the distribution and may be very soon you will find more names in the list.

I think I have discussed about gender issues before. This is “angustifolium” for sure, rest are wrong.

In a common man’s words, I am a BOY but I cant be boy on my own. I can be a boy if my DAD says so. I am a boy but if my dad says I am a girl then I will have to be a girl no matter what. If my dad says nothing but he assigns a girl name with me then I would be a girl. OTHERS have right to say if I am a boy or a girl or a middle person but not if I am very old (meaning not if the genus name was like assigned by Linne. Once my gender is assigned, then any species attached with me would automatically take my gender.
Here I am a GENUS so any species epithet attached to me will take up my gender.
DAD is the FIRST AUTHOR who described the GENUS.
OTHERS are consecutive authors who may assign the gender.
Hope this is understandible.