Cymbopogon nardus (L.) Rendle, Cat. Afr. Pl. 2: 155 1899. (Syn: Andropogon citrosus Steud. [Invalid]; Andropogon confertiflorus Steud.; Andropogon grandis Nees ex Steud.; Andropogon hamulatus Nees ex Steud.; Andropogon khasianus (Hack.) Munro ex Duthie; Andropogon nardus L. ……; Andropogon nilagiricus Hochst. [Illegitimate]; Andropogon pseudohirtus Steud.; Andropogon thwaitesii Hook.f.; Cymbopogon afronardus Stapf; Cymbopogon claessensii Robyns; Cymbopogon confertiflorus (Steud.) Stapf; Cymbopogon nardus var. confertiflorus (Steud.) Bor ….; Cymbopogon prolixus (Stapf) E.Phillips; Cymbopogon thwaitesii (Hook.f.) Willis; Cymbopogon thwaitesii (Hook. f.) Bor; Cymbopogon validus (Stapf) Stapf ex Burtt Davy .; Sorghum nardus (L.) Kuntze; Sorghum nardus var. grandis (Nees ex Steud.) Kuntze);





Flora of Haryana: Cymbopogon nardus from TDL Herbal Park Yamunanagar:

Cymbopogon nardus from TDL Herbal Park Yamunanagar
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Nice to see Lemon Grass 





Cymbopogon nardus
Lemon Grss from TDL Herbal Park Yamuna nagar
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