This common mallow Modiola caroliniana (L.) G. Don, Gen. Hist. 1: 466, 1831;
Malva caroliniana L. was shot from way to tiger fall Chakrata, May 16, 2012.


Wonderful shots. Here are mines from same place. Attachments (13)

This prostrate herb was recorded from roadside patches in Chakrata…
Modiola caroliniana ..

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Flora of Chakrata: Modiola caroliniana (L.) G. Don from Chakrata Budher Caves Road: Attachments (9)

Modiola caroliniana (L.) G. Don from Chakrata Budher Caves Road
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Sir, I was having pics of the same plant shot during my earlier visit to Chakrata during end of june 2010 Pics no 8 and 9). those pics helped me to got the id



A few pics more with fruits. Attachments (4)

Beautiful leaves. The tiny holes because of the lobed structure of the leaves is nice to watch.
Thanks for showing us a new Malvaceae member.

More Pics from Chakrata area

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Modiola caroliniana (L.) G. Don, Gen. Hist. 1: 466. 1831.
Common name: Red flower mallow, Carolina bristlemallow
A native of South America naturalised in several warmer parts of the world.
Photographed from Chakrata Budher Caves Road.

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Modiola caroliniana
Carolina Bristle Mallow
Hatkoti, District Shimla (H.P.)
June 2018